Social Butterfly

March 2011 has been a busy month for the little Sheriff. Aside from coming into this world and making Ace and Joker very happy (and just a little sleep deprived), Sheriff has had visitors galore come meet her, so much so that Ace has started scheduling her guests on the trusty Google calendar. The Sheriff especially enjoyed hanging out with Auntie $, Aunt M and OK the past two weekends.

The Sheriff also had a ball at Aunt K’s place for the St Patrick’s Day Parade and got to see all kinds of new friends — Auntie Dupree, the Editor & the Yankee, Pick, Celtic’s #1 Fan, the Wedding Singer, and the Eye Guy & little Eye Guy to name a few. The Sheriff is excited for this week’s busy schedule as well!

The Sheriff had some glamour shots taken last week and accompanied Ace and Joker to Panera for their first family lunch beyond the barracks. The Sheriff did so well that Ace and Joker took her to Five Guys the next day. Lookout world, the Sheriff is on the move!

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