Leaving on a Jet Plane

This week, Joker had to leave the Sheriff for the first time for a business trip to California. Joker’s boss kidded him that he was going out west just so he could get a couple nights of good sleep, but in reality Ace was the beneficiary of some good sleep this week — solid 3 and (almost) 4 hour stretches, compliments of the Sheriff — and Ace didn’t have to give Joker her usual “love tap” to stop his snoring at 4am! Nighttime noises aside, Ace and Sheriff can’t wait for Joker to return to the barracks — he was very missed.

Thankfully, Babci was here this week so Ace didn’t have to face single motherhood alone and Babci logged in some quality cuddle time with the Sheriff and made Ace some quality meals.

Prior to Joker’s departure this week, the Sheriff got to meet her great grandmother/great babci and take a memorable four generation photo with Joker and Babs. Grandpa wasn’t allowed in the picture — he’s not even Polish! But he did take some cute photos of the Sheriff. It was a special afternoon for all.

The night before, Ace and Joker had a milestone evening. They left the Sheriff for the first time for a couple hours to attend an MPS dinner together…after Dzia showed her off to his MPS friends of course and filled up the patrol car with even more gifts for the Sheriff from various fans.

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