The Sunny Days of Summer

The Sheriff has been having a great first summer! With the weather warming up and the sun shining lots, Ace and the Sheriff have been getting out for long walks and play dates all the time. The Sheriff’s favorite place is Castle Island and she and her friend C-Man love to have lunch on the benches overlooking the water down there.  It’s a nice life!   And Ace loves hanging out with C-Man’s Mommy — lots to talk about as they experience motherhood together.  The Sheriff and C-Man are pictured below on one of their many fun dates.  The Sheriff also loves her early evening walks with Ace and LaLa to Castle Island. The Sheriff is wondering if she will inherit their gift of gab — nothing beats old friends!

In an effort to protect the little Sheriff from the evil sun, Ace has purchased virtually every car seat cover currently available on the market and then some. Pictured below is the most stylish selection which Ace had made to match the eggplant/purple motif of the Sheriff’s Stokke stroller.

Speaking of the stroller, not a walk goes by where people don’t comment about its unique frame. A shout out is in order to Joker’s boss for recommending it (great for the tall types), and to Dziadz for underwriting it!

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